About Loyal Love

Ok, picture this:

A 28 year old, stay-at-home-mother of 3 (fresh one too! My baby was only 1 month old), dog mom to 2, and I was sitting in my home office; crying on the phone with a very sweet student loan representative. She was trying to calm me down after she had told me that my monthly loan was going to increase. (Insert pit in stomach: here)…

“OMG, WHAT!?!?”

I broke down. I was ugly crying by this point…nursing my baby….and trying not to lose my s*&^. We were already paying almost $700 a month for just my student loans and I wasn’t even “working”. Between the stress of everyday life, being a mom of 3 with RAGING hormones (remember: new baby), and a bumpy spot in the marriage department to top everything off nicely, this was what “broke the camel’s back.”

This is when I had my “A-Ha!” moment. When the lightbulb went off. I NEED to make my own money to get the weight of my student loans off of mine (and my husbands …AND my parents; who co-signed them for me). Financial freedom. I absolutely love being a SAHM but I definitely had the guilt that my husband was working so, so hard, away from home A LOT , missing our girls growing up- all to pay for our bills; and my student loans were one of the big ones on the list. We were in a rut and tensions were high. We had a little taste of panic when my husband was laid off from work because the shop in our town was closing (that was when I was 5 months pregnant with baby #3). In hindsight- that was our first red flag.

We SHOULD HAVE started then but we didn’t.

So anyways…

We were hurting and needed SOMETHING to help us get out of it so that we could ENJOY our life with our BEAUTIFUL little girls. We needed a change from the 12 hour night shift, drive 3 hours a day for work, never knowing when we’ll have a day off, life. It NEEDED to change. For everyone’s sake.

This is how Loyal Love was created.

Before Baby #3 arrived, we had moved to a new house and agreed we’d add to our family since we’d have a nice big space for them. So, we adopted Bruno the Boxer! We had already had our Charlie, who was an eight year old (at the time) Cavalier King Charles, and it was a bumpy start when we brought Bruno home. Charlie was not as enthusiastic to have him around; at first. He grew on him….literally! Bruno grew and chewed up EVERYTHING he could find. He escaped so much that his nickname was Houdini. I even found Bruno standing so proudly on top of our dining room table with chairs all chewed up around him. He was A LOT to handle in the beginning. He eventually learned a few tricks but looking back, I wish I had spent the time to properly train him well.

So, we created Loyal Love to provide products and services to other dog lovers out there who want the best for their pets- because they’re family too!